Monday, August 31, 2009

It's not about Australia, it's about Jesus

Within the past few months we have had to explain to person after person where we are going, what we are doing, and when we will return. In each conversation the same things seem to keep coming up.

First, people are amazed, and many jealous that we are going to Australia. I must say, while both of us are excited to go to Australia, it is not an easy trip to make; we are not going for a short tourist vacation. We are going to be one of the places in the world that is farthest away from home for three months, that is not an easy thing to do, especially for both of us who have never done anything like this before. So, are we "lucky" to go to Australia? Yes, we are, it is a place not many people get to go, and many want to, but it is not an easy trip to make for us.

Second, I find that in these conversations, we end up talking more about Australia then about the reason we are going. The reason we are going is because Jesus has called us, we want to serve him, we want to obey him, we want to grow in him, we want his name to be spread throughout the whole earth, and we want to glorify him! This decision is not about us, it is all about bringing honor to Jesus! Sadly, getting past where we are going has been a hard thing to do, and we even find ourselves getting caught up in it sometimes. If Jesus was calling us to Oklahoma we would go. If he was calling us to Africa we would go. If he was calling us to Antarctica we would go! It is not about where we are going, it is about why we are going, to reach those who have not heard the good news of the gospel!

A little while ago I heard a pastor say "Christians should live lives that demand explanation." I'm sure that if we would have finished out our degrees at Judson and gone into the mission field after, not many would be surprised, but the fact that we are putting a hold on college demands explanation. My prayer is that in giving the explanation for us doing so, that God will be glorified, that we will not receive the attention, that Australia will not receive the attention, but that Jesus alone will be gloried!

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  1. LAURA! I will be praying for you daily and stephen too. You have your heart right on everything. Its not about where you go, its about obeying the call you have been receiving and its about JESUS. I hope with you that God will be glorified through this. Im sure he will. I know its hard when people dont understand putting your college on hold for something like this, but I say good for you. Many people probably would of ignored the call to do this and waited. SO i commend you for it.

    Its okay to have fun while you're there too. I will pray that each and everday that God will be glorifed and that everyone you guys come in contact with will come to know Jesus.