Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coke Story

I wasn’t able to make it up on time to go for a run, and the reason was because I was woken up at 2 a.m. by Kevin and Nick coming into the room. I had turned on the heat because I had been freezing at night, but when Nick and Kevin came in they made a lot of noise, and Kevin began to complain very loudly about how hot it was. I remember sitting in the bed thinking to my self about how mad I was, how angry I was, and how fed up with Kevin I was. I have really been struggling to love him, just because I have felt he is very prideful and disrespectful. But as I was laying there thinking of how much I disliked Kevin, God began to grab a hold of my heart. He said to me “Stephen, he just needs love. He doesn’t need correction or judgment, just love.” I battled against what God was telling me, but eventually I realized my sin and gave in.

God then put on my heart to buy Kevin a coke the next day and tell him I loved him. I thought to myself “Yeah, definitely, sure God I’ll do what you say,” but really I was expecting that I wouldn’t even remember in the morning. However, this was not the case. The whole morning God put on my heart to buy a coke for Kevin and tell him I love him. He would not let me forget! So, right after lunch I went and bought Kevin a coke. As I was walking to and back from the store I realized that Kevin was having a good conversation with Raph.

I went right to the room because I felt that is where God wanted me to give the coke, and as I walked into the room I told God that if he really wanted me to give Kevin the coke, that he would be the next one to come in the door. It was not seconds later that I heard footsteps pounding up the stairs and in walked Kevin. I must say, I was not surprised. As I gave him the coke I said to him “This might seem a little weird, but I really felt like God wanted me to bless you in this small way and give you this coke, and I wanted to tell you I love you.” He took the coke he had a huge smile on his face, but was also in complete shock. He said to me, “no way! You won’t believe this, but I was coming to the room to get money to go buy a coke. I really wanted to get one, that is so crazy.” He then said, “give me a hug.” I gave him a hug and then told him that I really want to get to know him better. He said, that he would love to talk sometime.

It is crazy what happens when I obey God’s voice. It was not an easy thing to do, it took a lot of humility, but of course, it paid off. I heard him a little later telling a whole group about it, and when he saw me he said, “that guy totally made my day!” It is amazing how the smallest things can impact lives greatly. No matter how weird of things God tells me to do, I know that I will do it, because he knows what is best.

Not only was I able to make Kevin's day, or more so God make his day through me, but the next day we all went to the beach and God prompted me to ask Kevin if he wanted to take a walk on the beach. He said he did, and we ended up having a great conversation, which was actually the first conversation that we have had. I was able to see beyond my presuppositions, and see who he really was. He is a great guy, who is hungry for more of God.

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  1. I like that story, something simple, yet something that spoke to Kevin so well. We don't need to do anything difficult to turn evil into good, just pray or bless someone with a coke. I love it!