Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayer Request, and a little about life here

Yesterday was my birthday, and I guess today kinda is to my too as it is the 14th in the states, and it was a really good day, until the evening. The staff threw me a little party,and it truly felt like we were family even though I had only been there a day. The rest of the day we did orientation and played a few games, but in the evening I started to feel sick, so I went and laid down after dinner. I began to have the shivers and felt sick to my stomach, and I ended up throwing up, which for those of you who know me well know I never do! That was only the second time I can remember ever throwing up. I'm still not sure what is wrong, whether I have the flu or whether I have food poisoning, but I have continued to feel sick today and have had to miss most of the activities. Please pray for a quick recovery to my health!

I wanted to mention a few things about Wollongong that are not so good, just so all of you don't get to jealous :)

First, there are big birds that fly into the glass early in the morning, which sounds like muffled gun shots. After about 10 or so bangs, the birds then grown in pain, I guess I can't blame them. It is quite annoying though, and may have to take up bird hunting while I'm down here.

Second, there are two different phosphates for the sink, one for hot water, one for cold. I don't understand. So basically, when you have to wash your hands you either have to use very hot water, or very cold water! Strange.

Third, there is something called veggiemite which is a yeast abstract spread which the Australians love to put on toast. It is absolutely awful! Thankfully I can avoid that one, but still it is quite strange.

I have been shocked at how hard it is to understand people sometimes as well, that is another difficulty. One of my favorite Australian terms is that they call cotton candy "fairy floss." What?

I'm so excited to be here, it is going to be a time of large Spiritual growth for both Laura and I. It is obvious that this was indeed God's will for us to be here, even though it is going to be very challenging. God Bless!

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