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YWAM notes

These are my notes from the first set of lectures from Bruce, the man who started the base here in Wollongong. He mostly just talked more about who YWAM was, and it was very informative. These aren't very detailed notes, and might be hard to follow, but I hope you can learn a little more about the base here and about YWAM by reading them.

YWAM Lecture notes
Thursday, September 17
What is YWAM?
Mission is a task to complete
What is it about Youth that is special?
Youth will not be tentative, but be willing to jump right in
What is YWAM’s approach to missions?
How can we use the gifts and abilities to bring God glory in the world?
Three main focuses
1. Evangelism
2. Mercy Ministries
3. Training

Training is for evangelism and mercy ministries
Loren had to wait five years before he saw in ministry (1960-1965).
YWAM was started in Australia by Dean Sherman!
“God needed me to get out of my comfort zone. He was calling me out of being a local Christian to being a global Christian if I was going to do missions.” –Bruce Skinner, talking about when he choose to leave Wollongong, his home town most of his life, to go to DTS in Hawaii
Bruce was lead away from Bible school because the things that he desired in his heart did not line up with what the school desired. People left the school with a very inward faith, not a mission’s focus. Bruce desired to go deeper into missions and the Holy Spirit.
It took 18 months before anything happened with YWAM Wollongong. After God reveals a step to you, it takes time before the next thing happens. That is what God was trying to teach me through the story of Abraham.
Prayer, Prayer, Prayer.
God provides, always! There is always enough, have faith. God knows what you need, act on his call and he will provide.
How much faith does it take to start with something? How much does it take to start with nothing?
Faith is putting your whole weight in something that you don’t know exists.
If I can do it in my own strength, then it’s not God.
If you have money, if you know where the money is coming from then it’s not really in faith.
YWAM Foundational values
Value-Something of worth to an individual or group
If it is of worth, it is going to cost you something
Biblically based
Worship, Holiness, Witness, Prayer, Fellowship
Witness-Bring the Gospel to those who do not know them
1. Know God
All aspects of worship are a result of the outflow of knowing God.
2. Make God known
3. Hearing God’s voice
John 10:1-18, what is the passage talking about?
The Bible tells of the general will of God, but not specifically for you personally
Why would God talk to people in the Bible but not to us?
God doesn’t speak to us the way we expect him to
Obedience is key
You have to learn the difference between your thoughts and God’s thoughts
4. Practice worship and intercessory prayer
Practice means it is never ending, it is never perfect
Desire to “get into the battle”
Engaging in Spiritual warfare


God gave man authority over the earth (dominion mandate)
We still have authority over the earth today
God doesn’t engage in the earth unless he is asked
Ex. Daniel in the lions den. Why did Daniel have to pray? Did God not know he was there? God waits for permission to enter the physical realm
It took a long time for Daniel’s prayer to be answered, but he kept praying, and God came.

5. Be visionary
What is next? How does God want the body of Christ to advance next?
Vision is from God, they are his ideas
6. Champion Young People
Putting young people in leadership positions and support and help grow them
7. Broad Structured and decentralized
Allows for quick movement
Structures should serve the people. Structure should follow the vision, structure is controlling
Overseen by elders
Elders receive information from others and make decisions accordingly
8. International and interdenominational

Theology-study of God
Three levels of theology
1. Dogma (Indisputable)
2. Doctrine (Open interpretations of Scripture)
3. Opinion
Paul says he lives as if all three categories are dogma (passage?)
I love the focus on Christ, not on doctrine!
YWAM allows for open doctrine, not dogma
9. Have a Biblical world view
Philosophy, ideology, perspective, thoughts about the world
Our subconscious mind
We want to view the world as Christ views it
The Bible gives us God’s perspective on everything
The West has a huge separation between physical and spiritual
The Bible views God cares about everything
It has created a higher view of the pastor, healer, worship leader ect, and not the servant
We have to change our mind set from some things being spiritual and some not
10. Function in teams
It is always tempting to try to do something your self
Individualism is not in the Bible
Community, family, eldership is
God is a God of community
The whole reason God created the universe was for relationship
Embrace differences
11. Exhibit Servant leadership
Servant leadership is counter-cultural

12. Do first, then teach
Godly character is more important then gifts, abilities, and talents
Basic philosophy: You become your teacher
13. Be relationship oriented
“We desire to be united through lives of holiness, mutual support, transparency, humility, and open communication, rather than a dependence on structures or rules.”
God is about internal government
The external government’s job is to enforce what should be on those whose internal government has failed.

14. Value to individual
Caring for every individual uniquely according to their needs
Our education systems are based on the Greek Model
They are based on industry, producing is what is valued

15. Value Families
About 80% of everything you learn is learned in the family
Families are called together

16. Rely on relationship based support
No staff member gets paid
Promotes accountability, communication and mutual prayer. It involves the donor as a ministry partner.
Creates further dependence on God
Assures that everyone who joins, does not do so out of profit.
The pressure to raise support is not on you, it is on God. You do your part of communicating the need, and he will provide

17. Practice hospitality
Practice generosity
Hospitality costs us something

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